The Roe Green Cricket Club 2021 Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday 9 January at 12pm.

To be nominated for a role, a member must propose you, another member second you and you confirm the nomination.

This is all done via emails to

For example if A. Member to be nominate for Secretary:

  • B. Member must email proposing A. Member for Secretary, copying A. Member and C. Member in
  • C. Member must email seconding A. Member for Secretary, copying A. Member and B. Member in
  • A. Member must email confirming A. Member for Secretary, copying B. Member and C. Member in.

Please see the full list of roles below.

Name of role Nominee Proposer Seconder
Welfare Officer
Membership Secretary
League Representative
Bar Manager
Senior Cricket Co-ordinator
Ladies Cricket Co-ordinator
Youth Cricket Co-ordinator
Social Media Co-ordinator
Room Hire Co-ordinator
Ground and Facilities Co-ordinator
1st XI Captain
2nd XI Captain
3rd XI Captain
Ladies Captain
1st XI Vice-captain*
2nd XI Vice-captain*
3rd XI Vice-captain*
Ladies Vice-captain*

*Please note that these are not general committee positions.